Residential module (camper)

Residential module (camper) is made of fiberglass by manual molding. The housing is self-supporting type "monocoque", providing exceptional strength of the structure with minimal weight.

The camper is transported in the truck body as a cargo. There is no need to make any changes to the car's construction to install the camper. Registration in the traffic police is not required.

Aerodynamic design of the camper and its low weight allow you to avoid the appearance of additional noise while driving and practically does not affect the controllability and speed characteristics of the car.

Fuel consumption increases insignificantly, not more than 5-10%

Installation of the camper does not affect the off-road capabilities of the truck due to the absence of rear overhang.

This makes GEOCAMPER products unique in comparison with other types of mobile homes - trailers and motorhomes.

Therefore, the lack of good roads and campsites is not an obstacle - with GEOCAMPER you just drive your pickup where you planned, and stay where you like.

With GEOCAMPER you can easily transport a trailer or boat.

GEOCAMPER campers are suitable for all types and brands of pickups - Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, ISUZU, VW, Landrover, UAZ, etc

It is also possible to install on American full-size pickups - TOYOTA TUNDRA, DORGE RAM, FORD F and others.

The campers are manufactured for pickups with double, one and a half and single cab, as well as on special order for any other vehicles.

The weight of the empty module for a pickup truck with a double cabin - from 160 kg.

The weight of the equipped module is 250-400 kg.

Dimensions - 190x180 cm. Length from 340cm to 450cm.

The GEOCAMPER SCOUT model is made for installation on a frame or a platform of the car, which has more comfortable space in comparison with a removable camper.