About the company

We help you to live your life while traveling.

We make for you reliable, comfortable and accessible motorhomes on your individual projects.

The team

For more than 10 years we have been implementing individual projects of our customers, making each subsequent camper better than the previous one.

We are open to every project, growing and developing with every new order, because we love our work and are proud of its results.

The first Russian manufacturer

GEOCAMPER is the first Russian manufacturer of residential modules for pickups.

Since 2008 we have been creating unique camper for our customers to travel in any road and climate conditions.

Weekend fishing or annual expedition to South America - everything is possible with GEOCAMPER.


Our reputation is confirmed by dozens of completed orders for travelers from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Poland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Estonia, Norway and Slovakia.

GEOCAMPER is also available in Mongolia, Thailand, Ecuador and Namibia.

Our campers are tested from +43C in the deserts of Mongolia to -58C on winter roads of Yakutia.

Made by hand. Made in Russia. Made for you.

Reasonable combination of reasonable price and high quality has made GEOCAMPER a famous brand both among motorists and professional travelers.

In production we use equipment, technologies, raw materials, materials and components from leading European manufacturers.